What is Val-A?

Val-A is the marketplace where users can buy and sell parking spot reservations to help maximize their convenience when parking. Users can choose to find quick and convenient parking spots or sell the convenient spot they’ve already acquired through our mobile application. Val-A delivers it’s value through two features, Parking Spot Auctioning and Pay For Park.

Pay for your parking meter digitally

Pay for or extend your parking meter digitally all through our app by typing in the zone number of where your vehicle is located and selecting your parking duration. That's it!

Find convenient parking in half of the time

With Parking Spot Auctioning users can find quick and convenient parking spots where they want them, when they want them

Make money off of your parking spot

Got a good parking spot? Get rewarded for your hardwork by selling your parking spot through our parking spot auctioning feature so someone pays you when you leave that parking spot

Pay For Park

Users have the option to park their vehicles and pay for their parking fees using our mobile parking meter through our Pay For Park feature. Just locate the Zone Location Number on the Val-A sign near your parking spot, enter it in the app, choose your parking duration and you are all set!


Parking Spot Auctioning (Buyer)

Have trouble finding a good parking spot? Does it take you forever to find parking? Have no fear Val-A is here to help. Just log onto the app and place a bid on a convenient spot near your destination. You just might save yourself some time and money!

Parking Spot Auctioning (Seller)

Have a good parking spot? Want to sell it to the next user looking for one? Now you can through Val-A. Just secure your parking spot, place it up for auction and let users looking for a parking spot around the time you’re leaving, bid on your spot. So now you can get paid to leave all through Val-A.